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Apply Reflective Roof Coating To Your Buildings In Stuart Florida Now

Stuart's climate is tropical to sub-tropical and the sun shines bright every day. Heavy rains and hot humid temperatures, most of the year, are the norm in South Florida and such conditions are taxing on buildings.

When building in South Florida, it is important to incorporate features that counter the negative effects of heat and UV radiation. Energy Star roofing products are the ideal roof coverings in South Florida. Reflective roof coatings act like mirrors, reflecting the sun's radiant energy back into space. During the summer months when Stuart's Treasure Coast temperatures are always in the 90s, reflective roof coatings, also known as albedo coatings, reduce solar heat. Because they can reduce surface temperatures by up to 80F (about 45C), these products also have a big impact on cooling costs. The Lawrence Berkley Laboratory estimates that reflective roof coatings can save a minimum of 25% in energy usage. Stuart's roofing contractors understand this and you should take advantage of that knowledge. Stuart's builders and roofing contractors have seen the ingenious ways that good designers and builders are taking advantage of cool roof technology in the buildings of Stuart and throughout Florida.

Stuart contractors are aware that electricity in Florida is not "penny cheap"! Anything that we can do to reduce electric usage is a boon to the Stuart property owner. The use of reflective roof coatings can have a major effect on electric bills.

Costs for reflective roof coatings vary from $00.75 per square foot for acrylic paints to over $3.00 per square foot for PVC single-ply membranes. While the up-front price of roof coatings is usually higher than that of a traditional roof, the savings on energy bills more than justify the added expense, as reflective roof coatings usually pay for themselves in a couple of years.

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