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The newest advancement in polished concrete techniques, dry diamond concrete polishing allows grinding and polishing to take place without the hassle of wet grinding. Where wet grinding creates a messy slurry which must be collected and disposed of, dry diamond polishing dust particles are collected through the use of a HEPA filtration vacuum system. In this system, 98% of all airborne particulates are collected, which enables the polishing process to take place without any down time to the facility being serviced.

The dry polishing process involves multiple steps. First a series of grinding steps are employed to flatten the floor and remove the top layer of concrete. Depending on the aggregate choice and the existing condition of the concrete, between 1/64th of an inch up to 1/2 inch of concrete is removed during these grinding steps. Next, One Call polishes the concrete to the desired shine using a series of resin bonded diamond pads. The result ranges from a matte to glossy shine, depending on the clients preference.

A high-performance, dry polished floor can be a powerful asset in reducing energy consumption by becoming an energy efficient floor. A high-emissivity flooring system can:

  • Reduce building energy consumption through reduced lighting requirements
  • Potentially reduce HVAC capacity requirements

Other Considerations:

In these times of increased interest for environmental friendly solutions the diamond polished concrete concept has been compared to other common floors in industrial, public and retail environments. The results were unambiguous; diamond polished concrete floord contributes to a cleaner environment and also a better working environment. It has a low life cycle cost, long endurance and is the natural flooring choice for the future in industry, retail and public areas like education and health care.

One Call, a leader in stone restoration. provides all the care you need for marble, granite, slate, terrazzo, limestone, and concrete. Placing a emphasis on value engineering, One Call focuses on cost efficiency. From residential to the corporate level, we can customize our service to meet your restoration requirements.

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