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Thermographic Inspection Surveys for Water Intrusion

For One Call, performing thermographic inspection surveys throughout South Florida provides opportunities to observe a wide variety of water intrusion problems. In South Florida heavy rains with hot humid temperatures are the norm for more than six months of the year. It is during this period when consumer demands for thermal imaging services are at their greatest and the weather related challenges to thermographers the most daunting. Infrared inspections for water intrusion problems on buildings that have experienced water damage caused by hurricanes, extreme heat, high humidity, heavy rains, and other age-related ailments is difficult even when conditions are stable. Add a thunderstorm to the equation during an infrared inspection can be taxing.

The most accurate thermographic images usually are taken when there is a large temperature difference (at least 20°F [14°C]) between inside and outside air temperatures. In South Florida, to ensure an accurate result, scans are usually conducted during warm weather with the air conditioner on.

Rain becomes a problem if it occurs immediately before or during an inspection, as it will cool surfaces very quickly and retard thermal transmission. It is important that the wall and roof surfaces are dry during a scan because the effect of water on walls shortly after a rain could be mistaken for anomalies.

On the other hand, because water migration in roof leaks have very short resident times, rain occurring one or two days prior to an inspection can be beneficial. As water evaporates it cools and provides a unique thermal signature. Often water intrusion occurs in areas that are not readily observable by the naked eye. Thermal imaging, in these conditions, can detect potential problems before the first visible stains ever appear or mold growth gets a chance to become a problem.

Fortunately, Infrared imaging can show wall cracks, delaminating stucco,deteriorated sealants, roof damage and other related problems, even under the worst of conditions. With Infrared Thermal Inspection equipment we can often track the moisture back to the source of the water intrusion, saving time and money.

Florida commonly experiences extreme weather patterns that produce tropical storms and hurricanes; conditions that reveal a building’s vulnerability to water intrusion. Due to the natural degradation of water-sealing building materials over time and inferior design and construction, water intrusion is a common problem that demands prompt detection and resolution.

If you suspect a water or moisture problem within your commercial or residential property, contact us for a thermographic inspection survey. Our highly trained thermographers, after performing a survey, can identify construction weaknesses that allow water intrusion and other deficiencies to develop in building systems, without destructive testing.

Whether you are a Treasure Coast area property manager, commercial general contractor, or home owner, One Call will provide quality work, timely service, and reasonable pricing. We pride ourselves on the high standards we have established and maintained as a Treasure Coast area contractor. We will gladly provide references if you are considering us for your next damage restoration project.

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